Covid 19 is not flu. This chart explains why

Posted on Dec-8-2020 in United States
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Some people, including the president of the United States, have said COVID-19 isn’t too different from the common flu in Feb 2020. An estimated 35 million Americans were infected last flu season and approximately 35,000 died. It is bad but not even close to CoVID 19.

Hospitalization rate for flu is only around 2% but it is 10 to 20% for CoVID. The most important difference is CoVID 19 does not have treatment nor vaccine unlike flu. most important, COVID-19 remains extremely dangerous because so many people show minimal or no symptoms — a phenomenon often called “a silent infection.”

This can accelerate person-to-person transmissions because carriers of the virus simply don’t know they have it unlike Flu.

Source: Courtesy of Mayo Clinic

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