Gender disparities during the covid-19 pandemic

Posted on Nov-9-2020 in Dominican Republic
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During the last few months, most of us have tried to adapt to the new reality. The reality that we are facing a disease for which we still do not have a cure and that is not only affecting our physical health, but that it is further affecting our emotional, mental, and above all social health. Obviously, during this crisis, the main objective is to stay healthy and not get infected with the virus. Therefore, our authorities worldwide have raised a number of prevention such as curfews, lock-downs, the use of masks and gloves, etc. All of this helps us to stay physically healthy.

Now, lets talk about the implications that these measures have on the development and progress that females have had in recent decades. Females have been and continue to be discriminated against at different angles of society. To this day we continue to fight to obtain the equality we deserve in society. Every day is a new fight to achieve that goal and we have managed to occupy many places where we can make a difference. With the pandemic, many women have to stay at home, take care of their children, parents, and work. Many women had to downside their jobs because of the lack of childcare support. So the question is, how can we maintain our position as women in society and not allow this pandemic to slow us down in this fight for equality?

The article “Sex and Gender Disparities in the COVID-19 Pandemic”, outlines that The public health community must ensure that existing health and social services meant to support women in the face of their unique needs do not disappear, and that the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention needs to analyze policies related to COVID-19 using a gender lens.

This pandemic has given us the opportunity to see more clearly many faults in our society that must be fixed. It is our duty as caregivers, mothers, and professionals to keep raising our voices and keep moving forward regardless of the obstacles. At the end of the day, it’s what we’ve always done.

What is your position during this pandemic? How do you think we should make a difference in our countries to keep moving forward to reach a society where sex and gender disparities is no longer a reality? More importantly, how do we encourage our young girls to follow our paths and become strong leaders in the future?

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