Access barriers to obstetric health

Posted on Jun-6-2018 in United States
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One of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goal since 2000, is to improve maternal health by the end of 2015. Although there has been a decrease in maternal morbidity and mortality globally, women in the Sub Saharan Africa are still met with challenges.

Women in low and middle-income countries are still plagued by many challenges when seeking obstetric care at health institutions in the Sub Saharan Africa. MDGa attempts at achieving health progress are limited by adequate financial resources as well as delivery from international support which is lacking.

Poor coordination also constitutes a bad impact on the MDG. Improved coordination will obviously lead to success in the reduction of diseases in Africa. Too many people are having difficulty in accessing health facilities and meds, this places a huge challenge on MDG and human development as a whole.

At the moment, obstetric care access is hindered by various demand and supply barriers.

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